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Learn Why Your Fisher Garage is Different

The quality of our craftsmanship and materials are unparalleled and I take great pride in seeing that it stays that way on each and every garage.

With over thirty years of garage building experience, I have seen it all and have the know-how to tackle any job.

The art of building the highest quality garages includes the use of superior materials and highly skilled craftsmen.

Your new garage will be better able to stand the test of time largely because of the Fisher quality components outlined below.

Concrete Construction

1. 4” gravel base
2. Six bag mix
3. Steel Reinforced
4. Water Ledge on three sides
5. Anchor Bolt Reinforcement
6. Pitched Slab
7. 3’ Apron
8. Electrical Conduit Stub
9. Meets Local Building Codes

Wall Construction

10. Kiln-Dried Lumber
11. Waterproof Bottom Plates
12. Studs 2”x 4”, 16” O.C. (8’ high)
13. Double 2”x 4” Corner Posts
14. Double 2”x 4” Top Plates
15. Full Width Double 2”x 12” Headers
16. Overhead Heavy Gauge Steel Door
17. Vinyl Siding (optional)
18. Double Wall Construction
19. Maintenance-Free Windows
20. Pre-Hung 36” Steel Raised Panel Service Door w/House Entry & Dead Bolt Lock

Roof Construction

21. 30-Year Architectural Shingles
22. 15 Pound Felt
23. Exterior Grade Sheathing
24. 2”x 6” Custom Cut Rafters
25. 2” x 8” Hip & Ridge
26. Storage: 2”x 6” at 4’ O.C. Cross Ties
27. Aluminum Soffit & Fascia System
28. Two Roof Vents