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Fisher Price

Why Fisher Garages? - Learn More

Our QSP (Quality, Service, Price) Promise –  Quality – We supply all first grade materials, no seconds.  Service – You come first! Price – Always a fair price.

How much will my new garage cost? - Learn More

It is really hard to pin down an exact price without a personal visit to your home. Pricing depends on size, style and what city, town or village you live in. Michael Fisher will visit you at your home and give you a true, detailed and your exact ‘Fisher” price to complete your new garage. There are no hidden costs.

Is a building permit required? - Learn More

Yes, a permit is required in all areas. We have full time staff that is devoted to obtaining all necessary permits. We also take care of arranging any inspections that may be required.

How long will the project take? - Learn More

The length of the project varies by location. Normally, in the City of Chicago, projects take 3 to 4 weeks to complete and a little longer in the suburbs.

Are your garages pre-fab or custom-built? - Learn More

All of our Fisher garages are custom-built to your specifications.

Do you install brick garages? - Learn More

No. We only construct frame, detached garages.

Does the homeowner need to do anything in preparation for the project? - Learn More

No, Fisher Garages will handle everything.

Do you build rooms above the garage? - Learn More

Yes, we often build two story garages with a floor and staircase.  Visit our gallery.

What are the most basic sizes of garages? - Learn More

1-1/2 Car Garage: 14’ X 20’
2 Car Garage: 18’ X 20’
2-1/2 Car Garage: 22′ X 20′
3 Car Garage: 28′ x 20′
More sizes here.

How customized do you get? - Learn More

You dream it – we build it!

Michael Fisher’s QSP Promise

  • Highest Quality, best Service at a very fair Price
  • Over 30 years of experience building the world’s greatest garages
  • Licensed, bonded and fully insured
  • Every garage built perfectly and in a timely manner

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