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Looking for the convenience of the city coupled with open air and great schools? Look no further than Des Plaines. Located a scant 17 miles from downtown Chicago, Des Plaines is ringed with a major highway system, and borders busy O’Hare Airport. But despite being close to the city, Des Plaines offers a strong commitment to nature, with nearly 700 acres of parks and open space, including more than 200 miles of Cook County Forest Preserve multi-use trails and 100 miles of paved bicycle paths. Six nature centers boast displays and programs about local wildlife and plants, with some live animal exhibits as well. In addition, the Des Plaines Park District maintains 29 parks, including golf courses, aqua centers, bike trails, tennis courts and more. Residents can even enjoy horseback riding and fishing, along with arts events and programs designed for the entire family. Des Plaines has location, location, location, and certainly makes the most of it!

Des Plaines homeowners enjoy great outdoor activities, but they want a top-quality garage to shelter their cars from Northern Illinois’ weather extremes. When they want to add beauty and value to their homes, they call Fisher Garages. In Des Plaines, Fisher Garages has built a reputation for solid construction and beautiful exteriors that sets them above the rest when it comes to creating a new garage. Fisher Garages will handle everything, from advising on style to obtaining permits to cleaning up. In the business of garage builders, Fisher Garages is the go-to in the Des Plaines area.

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What Size and Style of Garage Do You Need?

The roof style of a detached garage is an important consideration for both aesthetic beauty and function, and Fisher Garages will help you choose the best style and garage size for your new garage structure.

Hip Roof
A gentle slope on all four sides presents a pyramid shape with a low -profile roof line that does not compete with the line of the house. The low line is good for high-wind areas, or areas where the view is important.

Gable Roof
The triangle-shaped roof with front and back gables offers a steeper pitch for efficient rain and snow runoff and could include some storage. The angle of the gable can also be designed to blend with the home’s rooflines.

Reverse Gable Roof
Here the triangular gables are at the sides, offering a longer line side to side. Like the gable roof, the pitch also allows for storage and efficient runoff. In addition, gable windows can be added along the front to match your home’s design.

An Easy Decision
If you’re looking to replace a dated, dangerous garage, or just want to add an additional garage for your growing family’s fleet, give Fisher Garages a call for a fast, free estimate. You’ll be pleased with the price and completely satisfied with the results.