New Garage Bridgeport

  • New Garage
    2841 S Emerald Ave
    Chicago, IL 60616

    New Garage Bridgeport
  • New Garage Bridgeport

  • New Garage Bridgeport

  • New Garage Bridgeport

  • New Garage Bridgeport

2841 S Emerald Ave, Chicago, IL 60616

Project Details

This two car garage (20′ x 20′) in Bridgeport (Southside of Chicago) would have been very challenging for other garage builders but not for Fisher Garages. As evidenced by the photos, we had to be extremely careful of the above ground swimming pool that was in close proximity to the old garage that needed to be torn down. In addition the customers yard was over three feet below the alley, so a major retaining wall was needed to bring the new garage to the height of the alley. Our expert and experienced concrete crew were more than qualified to take on such a job. Major reinforcement was needed to make sure the new concrete does not settle and cause problems. The Bridgeport area has a lot of alleys with this same situation. So, if you are looking for a new garage in Bridgeport… Fisher Garages is up to the task!

Great job on my garage too bad you don’t build houses. James R 

If you need a new garage in Bridgeport, contact Fisher Garages at (773) 610-1285.

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